Raire Music & The Affecting Awesome Movement

Raire Music has made the conscientious decision to support the Affecting Awesome Movement by contributing the next 5 years of income to the cause. Over the next 5 years, the Affecting Awesome Movement will be directly effecting inner-city lives and livelihoods with the tech training of 2 million otherwise unemployable citizens, free of charge. Our goal is to entertain you with the music you love, and with any purchases or donation, we will build 5 Colab Tech Spaces in 5 urban cities across the US. These centers will house the new Code-Free Academy which focuses on creating diversity within computer technology fields, slated to become 85% of all future employment over the next decade. In other word, without these minimum technology skills, in 10 short years you will be simply unemployable. This crisis is at our doorstep and most of us are blind to its staggering possibilities of how the world's corporate bottom line will devourer our culture and families sustainable futures. These classes are extremely expensive, costing from $5k to upwards of $20k for a 1 to 4 month bootcamp. In most causes, financial aid is nonexistent for these camps which put them well out of reach of most financially challenged co-horts. It is our goal to change this for many of them which we hope will in turn change it for even more through paying forward. This is the Affecting Awesome Movement, effecting awesome change within our culture, one hood at a time. So listen and enjoy most of our craft for free, but when you get the opportunity to help us through a purchase or donation, please dont hesitate to make it. I promise that the music/videos or merchandising will be well worth what is being paid for it. Join the Affecting Awesome Movement today...

Contact us: info@rairemusic.com

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